Registration Now Open - Chen Style Tai Ji Quan
Part 1: January 16th to May 28th
Thursdays at 7:15pm
20 weeks - $250
Anyone paying attention can see signs of imbalance all around us. We live over extended yet under active, over stimulated and still lacking inspiration. The practice of tai ji provides a map towards both physical and mental harmony.
The course is taught by Jesse Gottlieb-Jacob R. Ac, R. Tcmp. Bringing twenty years of martial arts experience as well as detailed understanding of Chinese philosophy and medicine developed through twelve years as an acupuncturist and herbalist.
He follows a direct lineage of large frame Chen Taiji through Sifu Eric Tuttle, Ma Hong, Chen Zhaokui, and Chen Fake.
Part two of the course will begin Fall 2020.
Lets make 2020 a year to be proud of - no hindsight needed!
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