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Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is an ancient system of health care that has undergone continual development over the centuries. The tools used by traditional herbalists

have expanded to include herbs from all over Asia and even North America.

Chinese herbs are a potent tool in the treatment of a wide spectrum of illness.


The materia medica of Chinese herbal medicine consists primarily of plants

but also includes some animal and mineral products. All herbal medicines

used as Peterborough Acupuncture have been screened for both potency

and toxicity to ensure the most pure and high quality product available.


Chinese herbs can be prescribed in different forms. We primarily use

concentrated herbal granules. This method makes for ease in storage,

distribution, and consumption. When you take your herbs you simply add

hot water and drink.


Herbal prescriptions are carefully tailored to the individual. This allows for flexibility in composition and dosage of the formulas prescribed which allows for all signs and symptoms of illness to be taken into account.

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